September 16, 2015

At some stage in your life, you are probably going to have to make a speech, where you are in the spotlight with dozens of eyes upon you waiting to hear what words of wisdom you are going to shed their way. 


Very few people are natural speakers and, if, like me, you ar...

September 6, 2015

Is it you you’re looking for?



You are a perfect representation of yourself right now.  You are exactly where you have been heading for in the past few days, weeks, months and years.  You are a creation of your own doing, and so enjoy who you are, where you are, and in...

September 2, 2015


Want to feel totally present in a couple of minutes? Read below...


Feel the surface below your feet

If you are so busy getting on with life and seem to be all in your head, and getting frustrated at the slightest little thing then its time to get back down to basics, y...

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