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With 30 years experience as a mum to four children I have learned how to be a good parent and can give practical advice on most subjects and age groups and am an experienced speaker for any Parenting Workshop.  $250.00


 My Amazon #1 Best Selling Parenting Book is also available also in hard copy.


 If you would like a hard copy with a personal hand written note for the special price of only $10.00 plus postage and packaging, send me an email and I will get it sent to you ASAP.

Positive Parents' Guide - New Beginnings for New Mums 


This book has been written to empower parents with the knowledge to make changes in their current situation, or, to start on the right path from the very beginning.


Living twelve thousand miles from her family and expecting her first child when she was in her twenties, Sheila realised, that this was going to be the most important and amazing time of her life, she just needed to get it right, and for the most part she thinks she did.


A few decades later Sheila decided, at long last, to finish writing this book from her own experience as a mother of four wonderful well adjusted children, two girls that were under the age of two, and then 5 years later twin boys.  


Writing this book was born from a deep desire to help other parents get the best out of being a mum or a dad. And to help them learn how to help themselves, as well as their children, grow together as a loving happy family and enjoy all the years to come.

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