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Testimonials for Sheila G Dickson and All You Can Be


Sheila has helped people become All They Can Be around the world and healed a variety of different alinments, phobias

and life blocks.

'A true healer'
~ Soul Realignment


Sheila is a true healer, compassionate listener and a wonderful communicator. Sheila was able to provide me with very valuable information as part of the Soul Blueprint process. She was able to confirm some things I had always wondered about and she also shed a bright light on areas of my life that I had not understood. For anyone who is looking for the next step in their healing journey or who is looking to clarify unanswered soul level questions, I would encourage them to consider working with Sheila and going through the Soul Blueprint process. Don't worry if you don't live near Sheila, we were thousands of miles apart and it made no difference in her ability to coach, communicate and support me.


Heather, Age 51, United States

'Wonderful and extremely benefiting experience. No more hip pain!'
~ Hip Pain ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu®


I have to write this to let everyone know of my wonderful and extremely benefiting experience of Sheila's healing hands. I was having extreme pain in my hip joint and was very difficult for me to walk, waking me up during the night all the pain that myself and others suffer will know what I mean. I had attended the doctor who gave me painkillers for this then back when they stopped working only to get stronger ones attending physio etc. 


I already knew of Sheila's healing from my past sessions with her on my back and it always helped me the only down side is Sheila lives on the other side of the world. Whilst she was home on holiday I mentioned my hip and as usual she very kindly asked me to lay down on the couch and started the healing session.


Now I can hear you all saying things like oh here we go again !!! And all the rest of the sayings. I'm not here to convince you but just to say try it once and I defy you to say it does not work !!!!!!! I did experience a bit of pain on my hip during the session but nothing I could not handle and as usual Sheila just chats away easily now here is the good bit no fancy words or miracles. 


I woke up next morning with the phone ringing and jumped out of bed and thought something is wrong. Nope nothing was wrong no PAIN !!!!!!! in my hip and that was exactly one year ago I do get an odd twinge but I think it's age related lol I can honestly say no painkillers because I don't have any pain !!!!!! Some people in this world are gifted or unique and Sheila is one of the chosen few. Again a big thank you Sheila until next year take care. 


Teri Brown, Scotland UK

~ Twitchy Eye ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu® 


What can I say other than Sheila using her JSJ technique has solved my itchy eyes, which the optician was treating with antihistamine eye drops. It took a couple of days, but feels great. Fabulous. Thank you.


Kathryn Hannah, Scotland UK

'Overcoming Aches & Pains'

 ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu®


Sheila is a lovely soul!!  Her generosity and genuine care for people makes her special. Besides these, the gifts she possesses to calm, heal and soothe anyone she's with, is an added bonus.

Sheila has been such a joy to be with and she has helped me on several occasions to overcome my various aches and pains through JSJ. I have also had the pleasure and privilege of learning under her expertise, the 3-day self-help course which proves to be an invaluable asset.

I am amazed at the energy and time she has to help anyone and everyone in need and still be able to be a wonderful wife and mother!  I am truly blessed to know her and I do treasure her friendship.

Thank you Sheila!!  The world is truly a better place with you around!!  :)





''3 Day Self Help Class'

~  Jin Shin Jyutsu®


I had the good fortune to meet Sheila a few years ago.  My friend and I wanted to know more about JSJ and be treated if possible.

When I first met her, I felt a warmth which could exude only from a deeply centered person, a loving person.

Her patience when listening to me during the pre-treatment helped me to relax and be myself even when sharing very personal information.  There were a lot of anxieties and obvious disharmony in my life, which Sheila worked on and after a few sessions with her, I was feeling brighter, more cheery and in less of a 'twist' than before.

My friend and I decided to take the 3-day self help classes that Sheila runs.  During these days I got to know Sheila better - she is a kind and caring person, she takes her work as healer and guide seriously.  No matter where in the world she is, she never fails to answer queries that I make.  The way I live each day, positive and forward looking, is a direct result of having crossed paths with Sheila. 

For me,  she is a blessing!  Thank you my friend.  May the Universe send you blessings a hundred-fold. 


                                                                                                                                                                      Marian Benny, Singapore

'Jin Shin Jyutsu & Soul Realignment'

~ Breast Cancer ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu®


I have had the deepest respect for Sheila's abilities for many years and these were reaffirmed upon receiving the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer.

Throughout the traditional treatments of chemo, radiation and surgery I have remained energized thanks to Sheila's experience and talents with the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ). 


An invested practitioner, Sheila continues to help with my physical and emotional health.  Friends, family and doctors commented on how well I look throughout treatment and I still feel energized yet calm after a session with Sheila.

I particularly like Sheila's 'self help' techniques, using JSJ for various issues, even jet lag!


I have been fortunate to have had Sheila use the Akashic Records to do my Soul Realignment. This confirmed and enabled me to direct my energies into areas of my life, which I enjoy. It also helped me have the confidence to let go of what is not working that well any more. It gave me the permission to 'just be', rather than 'having to do' all the time. It's a work in progress, however I now have direction.


Sheila's talents as a practitioner are indeed special.

I have found both the JSJ and Soul Realignment experiences rewarding and definitely recommend Sheila with her arsenal of knowledge and skills to benefit our minds, bodies and spirits!


                                                                                                                                                       Julie Campbell, Sydney Australia

'Increased Healing'

~ Ruptured Achilles ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu®


I have recently been treated by Sheila Dickson, a Jin Shin Jyutsu expert, as a result of surgery for a ruptured Achilles' tendon.  Sheila's "flows" for increased healing were incredibly successful. Her wonderful sensitivity and depth of knowledge are among many of her great strengths.  I would highly recommend Sheila for treatment in any of her many areas of expertise.


                                                                                                                                                      Trevor Campbell, Sydney Australia

'Revitalised & Calm'

~ Traumatic Injury ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu®


I recently had quite a traumatic injury to my leg requiring surgery. Sheila was excellent and professional as a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner during my recovery from this. Not only was my recovery accelerated by undertaking regular sessions with Sheila, but after each session I felt revitalised and calm. Often I was quite fatigued before a session, and after I was left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


I would recommend Sheila to anyone who is looking for an experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner.


                                                                                                                                                          Dan Hanavan, Sydney Australia 

'Powerful experience'
~ Soul Realignment


I highly recommend Sheila’s Soul Realignment Readings. The information I received was very enlightening and helped me make sense of several events that had occurred in my life. It also helped clarify why I am here and my ‘purpose’.  I loved that there were actions to take which I could participate in, to help clear some of the outdated contracts and energy I was still carrying. Sheila’s years of experience and her intuitive wisdom combined with the soul alignment process make this a very powerful experience indeed.


Julie Gledhill, Australia

'Two of the best things I could have ever done'
~ Soul Realignment, Property Clearing, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Emotional Freedom Technique


Having a Soul Realignment and a Property Clearing by Sheila Dickson were two of the best things I could have ever done in my life and that's certainly no exaggeration. It has changed so much for me and provided so much perspective and wisdom and relief like never before. I was blown away at what she scanned and picked up and what she cleared on an energetic level and I will always continue to be. Such amazing work.


I do also vouch for the fact that Sheila's additional gifts of being able to share the powerful ancient energy healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu which puts you back in touch with your own balance and harmony and Emotional Freedom Technique is also a MAGICAL combination that empowers you, balances and heals you and clears away that which is holding you back, paving the way for real life changes and moving forward to make things happen.


Sheila has  a very warm, caring energy and presence about her.  The "work" Sheila does can't be sufficiently defined in a few paragraphs. It's empowering, healing, and life-changing. It really and truly is all about the power to be ALL THAT YOU CAN BE. I am privileged to have her lovingly guide me on my personal journey, especially on the bumpy edges. Thank YOU Sheila, always and eternally.


Malti Lalwani, Singapore

'She has transformed my life completely'
~ Cat Phobia ~ Emotional Freedom Technique


As long as I can remember my life has been dramatically affected by my fear of cats . However, all that changed last year when I caught up with Sheila at an evening her sister was hosting for her when she was back home in Scotland to visit the family. I was sitting in the garden with everyone enjoying the company but on my usual alert for cats, true to form a cat appeared in the garden and I panicked and had to run indoors. Sheila immediately followed me in and asked what was wrong as I was having a panic attack. I explained to her my Phobia and she explained that she would be able to help me overcome this fear. 


I told her I doubted she would be able to do this as I had attended "Phobic Groups" in the past and it didn't help and I had resigned myself to the fact this would be a situation I would need to continue to live with as I had been for the past 60 years.


Sheila was confident she could help me and asked me to give her the opportunity to do this. The following afternoon I met with her and we spent two hours talking about the many ways this Phobia had affected my life,   she also introduced me to "EFT" ( Emotional Freedom Technique) a tapping process which involves tapping certain pressure point on the body while repeating whatever statement is relevant to your particular Phobia


I cannot thank Sheila enough for what she has done for me. She has transformed my life completely. I now go out walking don't even think about or look out for a cat, I can sit in my garden without fear that one will come into the garden, I have chased them away from my property the list is endless. Whereas before I couldn't leave my home if I saw one in my garden I would have a panic attack ,I would move items of furniture to the door at the entrance to my house as I panicked that they would get into the house, I couldn't even look at a photograph of a cat in a magazine or newspaper or watch one if it was on Television. All of this of course is totally irrational behaviour as anyone with a phobia can identify with.


Therefore , if you like me have had your life affected by a phobia, please seek the help I was offered it has changed my life and that of my family beyond words they cannot believe the change in me. Sheila you are amazing!!!


Ida McCloy, Scotland UK

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